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My Story

My Story

From as young as I can remember the spirit world has always fascinated me, as a child i was brought up in a very spiritual family where my aunts and uncles practised healing, divination and magic. By the age of seven I was able to read the tarot cards and channel healing for others. I later discovered my grandmother was a medicine women and practised folk magic to heal others.

This knowledge and guidance was passed down through our family. My connection with deities also started from a young age and this strengthened the more I worked with them. At the lowest point in my life the goddess Kali Ma found me, gave me strength and pushed me to follow my true spiritual calling, to empower others.

My passion is to give people the tools to be able to overcome their fears and further develop their spiritual path through goddess, shamanic or witchcraft workshops. I love using crystals in my practise alongside other tools such as tarot, NLP, oils and herbs. Having roots from a rich blend of ancient cultures and religions from East Africa, Egypt and India my spiritual practices have a unique perspective. This background enhances my ability to provide a more personalised and specialised approach.

Google 5 Star Review I recently did a weekend retreat with Preeya and it was absolutely incredible. It was funny, enlightening, emotional and life changing but not at all pretentious! Preeya is wonderfully down to earth, but knows her 'stuff ' spiritually. I can't recommend Preeya highly enough.

Lyn Farrugia